Testing, Testing, Anyone Out There?

What can I say, I am crap at this "blogging" thing! Three years ago, I resuscitated my blog, after a hiatus of one year. I also switched blog engine from WordPress to OctoPress (which at that stage was version 2). At the time of the switch, I had had a one year hiatus of blogging (I am not a very prolific blog writer :)), and I remember I was very tempted to write in that post, that if I cannot keep up blogging I will quit. Boy, am I glad I did not write that!

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SQL Saturday Presentations

The two first weekends in August I were in Cape Town and Johannesburg respectively presenting at SQL Saturday events. I had a great time, and the audience were terrific. My employer Derivco graciously gave me some "swag" to hand out, and that went down a treat. Thanks Derivco!!

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Installing Octopress on Windows

In an earlier post, I wrote how I had changed blog-engine from WordPress to OctoPress. At the moment I am running Windows as my main OS (mostly due to work related requirements), and - as OctoPress is very much Ruby and Python based - there are certain things to be aware of when installing this on Windows. Furthermore, my blog is now hosted on Windows Azure - so, with all this in mind, I thought I'd put together a blog post about the set-up of OctoPress on Windows, running on Windows Azure.

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Moving to a New Blog Engine

Every so often I get an itch, and I want to try out a new blog-platform. The time has now come to leave my self-hosted WordPress and move on to something "geekier" (I am a geek after all).

I have just now finished moving my few posts from WordPress to the new engine: OctoPress. In a future blog post on the new blog I will try to explain why I made the move, and why OctoPress. The new blog will be hosted on Windows Azure - I do get free Azure credits together with my MSDN subscription, so I thought I'd see what all the "fuss" about Windows Azure is.

As of a couple of minutes ago, I pointed a CNAME record for www.nielsberglund.com to my new Windows Azure host. We'll see after a while if all worked. RSS feeds etc. should be as before - as I use feed-burner.

So, see you all on the other side!

SqlClrProject on GitHub

As some of you may know, I - once upon a time - developed a project (VS add-in, templates, etc) for automatic deployment of CLR assemblies to SQL Server: SqlClrProject. That project has been dormant now for a couple of years, but I now and then get requests for where it can be downloaded from (I had it on CodePlex, but had to take it down as I didn't publish the source code).

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