Beginners F# Resources

This post is more as a reminder to myself where to find online resources when learning F#. If anyone else can find it useful, so much better. And, if anyone out there has other online, resources, please leave a comment and I will include it. So, in no particular order:

Finally, a list like this would be incomplete without the link to the Man himself: Don Syme

More T-SQL Error Functionality in Denali / SQL 11

In my previous post I wrote about the new THROW keyword in Denali / SQL 11. Having played around a bit more with Denali, I wanted to write some additional things about THROW and it's relation to RAISERROR.

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New T-SQL Features in SQL 11 / Denali - Error Handling

A couple of days ago I wrote my wish-list to Santa what I wanted to see in next version of SQL Server (SQL 11 / Denali). I was pleasantly surprised that I could find out for myself shortly after; i.e. SQL Server Denali CTP1 was released during the PASS Summit. I have literally finished installing the next version of SQL Server (Denali / SQL 11) on a new VM, like 10 minutes ago, and I have done a quick check of the new features of SQL Server Denali (what I could find at least) against my wish-list.

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More about new features in SQL 11 / Denali

So yesterday I posted my wish-list for new programmability features in the upcoming release of SQL 11 / Denali.

Today I see that Simon S has posted about a new series of posts he will do, covering what is new in SQL 11. Knowing Simon, it will be really, really good. So if you are interested I suggest you keep your eyes open for his posts.

UPDATE: Ben C commented and said that CTP1 has been released (or something to that effect), and here is where it can be downloaded from.

What New Programmability Features Will There Be in SQL 11?

There is probably no secret that Microsoft is working hard on next version of SQL Server. The rumour has it that it will be named SQL 11 (it apparently goes under the code name of Denali. Quiz; MS has used the Denali code name previously, what was it for? Answers in the comments ).

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