Interesting Stuff - Week 2

Throughout the week, I read a lot of blog-posts, articles, etc., that has to do with things that interest me:

  • data science
  • distributed computing
  • SQL Server
  • transactions (both db as well as non db)
  • and other "stuff"

This is the "roundup" of the posts that has been most interesting to me. Oh, and if you wonder if you have missed Interesting Stuff - Week #1. seeing that this post is named Interesting Stuff - Week #2, you haven't. They are numbered by calendar week number, and I started the second week of January :).

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Abort, Abort, We Are XACT_ABORT:ing, Or Are We?!

SET XACT_ABORT defines whether a transaction is automatically rolled back when a T-SQL statement raises a run-time exception, and when you read posts from prominent SQL bloggers you quite often see that they recommend to always have XACT_ABORT set to ON. From the title of this post you may get the impression that I do not necessarily agree, and to an extent you may be right. So, let us see ...

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SQL Server Error Handling Gotchas

Way back when (in 2010 as a matter of fact), I wrote a couple of blog-posts (here and here) about error handling in the new CTP releases of SQL Server Denali. Denali was what would become SQL Server 2012.

The new functionality built upon what was introduced in SQL Server 2005 - the notion of structured exception handling through BEGIN TRY END TRY followed by BEGIN CATCH END CATCH. In those blog-posts I was fairly positive, and saw the new functionality as something useful and very well worth implementing. I am still positive, however since then I have used the new functionality introduced in SQL Server 2005 extensively in production and have come across some gotchas that I thought would be worth writing a blog-post about.

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Testing, Testing, Anyone Out There?

What can I say, I am crap at this "blogging" thing! Three years ago, I resuscitated my blog, after a hiatus of one year. I also switched blog engine from WordPress to OctoPress (which at that stage was version 2). At the time of the switch, I had had a one year hiatus of blogging (I am not a very prolific blog writer :)), and I remember I was very tempted to write in that post, that if I cannot keep up blogging I will quit. Boy, am I glad I did not write that!

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SQL Saturday Presentations

The two first weekends in August I were in Cape Town and Johannesburg respectively presenting at SQL Saturday events. I had a great time, and the audience were terrific. My employer Derivco graciously gave me some "swag" to hand out, and that went down a treat. Thanks Derivco!!

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