Microsoft R Server

This is the demo code accompanying the blog-post Microsoft R Server.

NOTE: The database part of the code requires SQL Server 2016 (or higher).


  1. Run the script 01.create_db_and_table.sql in the sql folder. This creates the database to use as well as the necessary database objects (one table :) ).
  2. If you look in the data folder, you'll see it is empty. Before going further you should download mortgage data from here (it is ~64 Mb).
    • After you have downloaded it, unzip the .csv files into the data directory.
  3. Open from the sql folder the 02.insert_mortgage_data.sql. This script BULK INSERTs mortgage data from .csv files into the dbo.tb_MortgageData table. You need to assign a value to the @path variable at around line 12 in the script. The variable should point to the data directory where the .csv files reside. Make sure the @path variable is closed off with a "\".
  4. Execute the script.