SQL Server Denali CTP 1 SUX

.. from a relational developers perspective!!

Well, the title may be a bit harsh, but at least it grabbed your attention - did it not?!

A week ago, or so, I wrote a wish list to Santa for Denali from a relational developers perspective. In that wish list I wrote that there has been fairly little love for relational SQL developers in the recent versions of SQL Server, and that I hoped in this version (i.e Denali) Microsoft would "go back to the roots" and give us developers some new stuff.

So I downloaded the CTP when it became available, and have been playing around with it for a bit, in order to see what new "stuff" I could find and how it stacked up against my wish list:

So, the report card does not look that good and that's the reason for the title of this post. Granted, there are things that are in the cards but not included in this CTP; things like:

As you can gather from the above, I am not that stoked about Denali. I hope later CTP's will bring more things, but somehow I doubt it.

What are your take on this, are you happy with what Denali gives you (from a relational developers perspective), and if not - what would you like to see included. Answers in the comments please.

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